Are you passionate about

Spreading Joy?

At Forward Momentum, find the right opportunity for you...

Joy Development Specialist

Forward Momentum has opportunities in business development. We are an exciting and growing company offering an opportunity to be part of many really creative and fun projects.

We've got amazing opportunities to:

  • Be part of an exciting and growing start-up
  • Learn from experienced entrepreneurs who have launched multiple companies
  • Make people's lives more exciting and joyful
  • Enjoy cold frothy beer with company founders
  • Freedom to let out your quirky sense of humor
  • Kick-ass and take names (well, not literally...but you get the point)

At Forward Momentum, our major focus is on what we call: Concept. Design. Deliver. This process is the basis for the custom products division of the company. Our creative teams helps organizations come up with new concepts and products.

Our design team creates all aspects of the product design. Once completed, we manufacture the products and deliver them to the customers.

Our target customers are companies in need of product expansion and revenue growth, organizations in need of unique branded items for their top customers and organizations in need of creative fundraising concepts.

Responsibilities of Joy Development Specialist:

  • Will be responsible for building relationships with a wide variety of organizations
  • Developing targeted opportunities with National Alumni Associations to reach their community
  • Create fun and exciting ways for large membership organizations to connect with their members
  • Close deals and create revenue opportunities for fortune 500 companies with well established brands

Skills necessary to Successfully Develop Joy:

  • You are a fun and outgoing person
  • Will be a team player
  • You are passionate about spreading joy!
  • Have a great eye for detail
  • You are crazy motivated
  • Have an independent spirit
  • Masterful deal closer

To Apply to join our team please send us a resume and coverletter!